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Laser Hair Removal At The Beauty Lounge


Above and beyond any other hair removal system on the market today

It is a fact that a woman will shave her legs 7,781 times in her life. What fun! Imagine never having to wax, pluck or shave ever again!

The Beauty Lounge is a leading provider of affordable laser hair removal, for permanent hair reduction, forever. my laser machine offers quick, easy and pain-free laser hair removal treatment using the most advanced technology in the world.

Soprano Laser Hair Removal The Beauty Lounge Upminster Essex
Laser Hair Removal The Beauty Lounge Upminster Essex

SITL uses IN-Motion technology and Dual Chill mechanism,which means the surface of the skin stays cool and comfortable throughout the treatment while the laser light targets the root of the hair, destroying specific cells to eliminate the hair with no damage to the surrounding skin.  Many patients say that Soprano ICE laser hair removal treatments feel similar to a "hot stone massage".

Soprano Painless Laser Hair Removal The Beauty Lounge Upminster Essex

The Soprano laser's innovative hand-piece simultaneously targets different depths within the hair follicle. It combines the penetration levels of 3 different laser wavelengths. This is how Soprano achieves the  safest and most effective laser hair removal available today. FDA approved, Laser Hair Removal is the most popular cosmetic treatment worldwide.

Soprano Titanium is safe and effective for all skin types and hair types, except for very blonde, red, grey and white hair where there isn't enough pigment to attract the laser light.

We are seeing more men undertaking the procedure - one of the key benefits particularly enjoyed by men is that it is a permanent hair removal method. At The Beauty Lounge we offer a friendly, professional and discreet service which is perfect for all, especially if you are initially slightly uncomfortable with the idea of hair removal. So, don't feel uncomfortable and feel free to ask any questions, I'm here to help.

I will design a customised treatment plan for you, depending on your hair growth, colour, density and thickness, which will span over 6 - 8 treatments. I usually recommend a course of 8 treatments to see a substantial reduction in hair growth and life changing results!


Speak to me today about how you can begin your quick journey to hair-free skin. Contact me now to book a complimentary consultation.

Treatment Times


I treat face and body hair differently as it can be the case that facial hair is more hormonal.

Body Hair: 6 - 8 weeks between treatments

Facial Hair: 4 - 6 weeks between treatments

Why choose the Soprano Titanium Hair Removal System?

  • It's safe

  • It won't hurt - treatment is painless with Soprano's innovative cooling technology

  • It works for any skin type

  • No more shaving or waxing

  • Cutting edge Soprano Titanium 2019 technology

  • Up to 95% of hair reduced

Treats all skin tones and hair colours, except for bery blonde, red, grey and white hair

  • Detailed grid system to target every hair follicle

  • Award winning machine

  • FDA - approved for tanned skin

Laser Hair Removal The Beauty Lounge Upminster Essex
  • What is laser hair removal?
    The laser light safely and gently passes through the dermis allowing the laser light to be absorbed into the hair root destroying the cells so they can no longer produce hair. Though hair re-growth has been prevented the laser does not injure the surrounding skin.
  • Is laser hair removal safe?
    The Soprano ICE Titanium is the safest procedures available for laser hair removal, also approved by the FDA (Food & Drug Administration) for all skin types (including tanned skin), hair types, and most hair colours.
  • Is laser hair removal painful?
    The Soprano ICE Titanium hair removal lasers provide you with a virtually painless method of hair reduction leaving you with silky smooth skin. Many patients say that Soprano ICE Titanium laser hair removal treatments feel similar to a “hot stone massage”. The pain free laser gently heats targeted hair follicles with gentle pulses of Diode Laser by using sweeping, paintbrush technique. Since the beam is in constant motion, your treatment area can be wider and ensure complete coverage. This laser treatment to remove hair is perfect for any area of the body and doesn’t require any per-treatment or recovery time.
  • When will I notice results?
    With only 1 laser treatment the results will be visible.
  • How many laser hair removal sessions will I need?
    In your consultation your hair and skin will be fully assessed.Typically we recommend a minimum of six laser sessions for women.

Customised treatment plans

No anaesthetics required


No pain with this procedure

No downtime with this procedure


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