NIR Plumping, Firming & Toning at The Beauty Lounge



NIR Skin Tightening boosts your skins own natural youthfulness

Radio-frequency & ultrasound

  • Clinically proven progressive results with extensive studies

  • Non-invasive & pain free

  • No downtime


Soprano NIR Skin Tightening is a light-based treatment of Near Infrared (NIR) technology which helps to stimulate the formation of new collagen deep below the surface of the skin. Clients typically use this treatment to tighten loose or sagging skin. The NIR Skin Tightening treatment is ideal for the rejuvenation of the face, neck and delicate areas.

The Soprano Titanium NIR treatment heats the inner layer of the skin (dermis), which helps to stimulate the production of new collagen, giving you a more even and lighter complexion.

What Causes Skin Laxity? 

  • Genetic Factors

  • Photo ageing caused by excessive exposure to ultra-violet light

  • Chronic cigarette smoking 

  • Environmental pollutants

  • Pregnancy

  • Gravitation

What are the benefits of NIR Skin Tightening?

  • Reduces the loss of collagen

  • Improves loose and sagging skin and reduces facial jowls 

  • Smooths out fine lines

  • Non-invasive - no surgery or injections

  • Pain free - a warming sensation felt but it is not painful

  • Safe on all skin types

  • No treatment downtime

My Soprano machine has a face applicator that delivers targeted skin tightening and firming results for the chin, forehead, neck and crow's feet. Extensive collagen production under the surface plumps fine lines and wrinkles naturally. 

Soprano's laser technology uses the body's own natural healing processes to rejuvenate sagging skin. This is great news for those who prefer a holistic approach to beauty therapy.

Frequently asked questions

Click on the specific style for more details and dress codes


A classical dance form reflecting grace and precision and employing formalized steps and gestures set in intricate, flowing patterns to create expression through movement. Ballet education begins with mastering the placement of the body, legs and arms. Beginner students work towards developing technique and coordination. As students advance, classes become increasingly complex in terms of the development of strength, stability and grace. Dress Code: Girls

  • Black Leotard (bra under leo must be black)
  • Pink tights
  • Pink canvas or leather ballet slippers
  • Low bun, hair net suggested. Flyaways pinned / gelled
Dress Code: Boys
  • Form-fitting tank top or t-shirt
  • Athletic shorts
  • Black canvas or leather ballet shoes
  • No jewelry
  • No smart watches
  • No booty shorts or t-shirts

Jazz technique

A class that develops energized upbeat technique such as splits, contractions, isolation movements, quick combinations, leaps, and complicated rhythms. Incorporates strength and flexibility training. Movement correlates to high-energy music. Dress Code

  • All black. Crop tops, snug-fitting tanks, leotards. Booty shorts or leggings.
  • Tight, low bun. Wispies and flyaways gelled back.
  • So Danca "Jills" split-sole jazz shoes in dancer's skin tone.

Combo recital classes

(Ballet/Jazz/Tap, Ballet/Jazz, Jazz, Ballet/Tap, Jazz/Tap) Classes that include study in two or more dance disciplines in one class block, so dancers may be introduced to different dance genres and music. Classes include Ballet/Jazz/Tap, Ballet/Jazz, Ballet/Tap, and Jazz/Tap where each indicated style is equally explored. The recital dance may incorporate skills from any or all styles. ​Dress Code: Girls

  • Black Leotard
  • Pink or tan tights
  • Booty shorts optional
  • Pink ballet slippers or So Danca "Jill" split sole jazz shoes (teacher preference)
  • Pulled back into ponytail or bun. Flyaways pinned or gelled
Dress Code: Boys
  • Form-fitting tank top or t-shirt
  • Athletic shorts
  • Black ballet or jazz shoes


A class that blends ballet and jazz technique performed to the lyrics or mood of the music. Emphasis is placed on balance, flexibility, fluidity and grace. Dress Code: Girls

  • Comfortable, form-fitting athletic clothes (snug tank, leggings, crop top, etc)
  • Pink ballet slippers or So Danca "Jill" jazz shoes in dancer's skin tone. (teacher preference)
  • Pulled back into ponytail or bun. Flyaways pinned
Dress Code: Boys
  • Form-fitting tank top or t-shirt
  • Athletic shorts
  • Shoes - teacher preference


An energetic, upbeat style that incorporates jazz moves with dance team / cheer-style pom technique. Team unison is stressed in this class along with showmanship, precision of motion, jumps, leaps, turns, and visual use of pom-poms Dress Code

  • Comfortable athletic clothes
  • Pulled back
  • Tan jazz shoes or Clean sneakers, preferably not worn outside (teacher preference)


A class that uses precision acrobatic elements on tumbling mats. Acro teaches flexibility, balance, strength, muscle control, discipline and concentration. This class focuses on the development of tumbling and increasingly difficult skills and tricks as defined in the Acrobatic Arts program. Dress Code: Black leotard or sports bar Black spandex shorts Bare legs and bare feet Hair: Ponytail or bun. Flyaways pinned or gelled. Dress Code - Boys: Black snug-fitting t-shirt or tank Black athletic shorts Bare feet

Baby Ballerina

Adult classes


A class utilizing tap technique and must be performed with tap shoes. Tap dance is rhythmic and stresses syncopation and synchronization.


A class that explores and develops expressive dance through the combination of several dance genres including modern, jazz, lyrical, and classical ballet. There is an emphasis to connect the mind and the body through fluid dance movement. Contemporary dance has an emphasis on improvization and free movement, interpreting the words and melody of the music with fluid movement.

Musical Theater

A class that explores storytelling through movement to the music of a Broadway musical or a movie musical.

General technique classes

Company Tech, Jazz, Contemporary, Hip Hop Technique classes focus on developing the skills of the specific style of dance. Classes are leveled by age and ability. Skill development increases with experience Dress Code - Girls:

  • Black sports bra, fitted tank, or leotard
  • Black booty shorts or leggings
  • Jazz shoes or barefoot (teacher preference)
  • Low bun, wrapped tight and pinned. Flyaways pinned or gelled.
Dress Code - Boys: Black t-shirt or tank Black athletic shorts Black socks or barefoot (teacher preference)


A ballet class performed 'en pointe' or on the point of the toes wearing specially-designed pointe shoes

Hip Hop or Jazz/Hip Hop recital classes

A fast-paced, rhythm-based, energetic class that explores the latest street dance style. A high-energy style focusing on grooves and foundations such as locking, popping, etc. Jazz / Hip Hop combines elements from both Jazz and Hip Hop styles into a single class. Recital dance will reflect styles learned throughout the year. Dress Code

  • Comfortable athletic clothes
  • Pulled back
  • Clean sneakers (not worn outside) Style: Teacher preference

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No anaesthetics required

No pain with this procedure

No downtime with this procedure


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